Secure E-Recycling To Protect Your Business & The Planet

Responsible Zero-Landfill E-waste Recycling

Proper disassembly and disposal of electronics can be a complex process — one that’s often best handled by experts. Mishandling or mismanagement can pose major risks to your business — from violating environmental regulations to cybersecurity concerns from data exposure.

From data sanitization and device shredding to the complete demanufacture and dismantlement of non-reusable assets, we at Attyah Recycling handle every step in the e-recycling process. Our end-to-end, comprehensive process and expertise in regulatory requirements ensure your electronics are handled in a way that’s transparent, compliant and cost-efficient.

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How We Maximize Returns On Your Outdated Electronics

Any electronics or materials that come through our doors are thoroughly inspected to determine their path and tracked throughout the full process. This ensures we recover as much value for your business as possible, improving your Return On Investment (ROI) and environmental responsibility.


Any reusable items are sent to our recovery divisions for data sanitization, testing, refurbishment, and resale in our global sales network.


If equipment or components cannot be remarketed, we conduct secure, compliant processing — including data sanitization, demanufacturing or destruction — and dismantling so their components can be repurposed.


Materials deemed not suitable for any kind of reuse or resale are fully recycled. After being fully and securely sanitized, materials are completely demanufactured, dismantled, and separated into metals, glasses, and plastics so they can be used to make new products.

Take Confidence In Our Compliance

Our security-first recycling processes are designed to protect your data from any potential harm. All devices and assets are sanitized according to NIST 800-88 and the Department of Defense 5220-22-M standards.

Doing everything we can to protect the environment from e-waste and pollution also requires compliance expertise. Our safeguards ensure we always meet or exceed all local, state, and federal environmental regulations for electronics recycling practices.

  • Facility and process audits.
  • Hazardous materials vendor audits.
  • Strict landfill-aversion policy.
  • Industry certifications for environmentally safe practices.
  • Working only with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) certified countries.
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