About us

At Attyah Recycling, we are staunch believers in saving the environment by helping various corporations, people and industries to take care of your obsolete IT equipment and goods. Our services include the services of IT asset recovery services, data shredding services, and many other IT assets services to dispose of and recycle the equipment that is no longer used or in use.

We help you recycle and get rid of old computers, computer components, flash drives, hard disks, cell phones, printers, CDs and much more. Our services also include the valuation of the equipment and components that you give to us, which helps you recover your operational costs. Once we acquire the components and equipment, we carefully deduce what can be used and what cannot be used from the IT asset Disposition service. Depending on what has been decided by our technicians we take appropriate steps for sustainable use or disposal of the same.


Our electronic waste solutions include re-use or recycling of the equipment or components.

Sustainable and Environment-friendly

We help you reduce pollution and harm to the environment by carefully recycling or reusing the equipment and components

Easy Process

We offer you pick up services for electronics recycling and transport your equipment with care.

Value Recovery

The environmentally-focused way we redirect the assets to their greatest functional and commercial purpose

Privileged to serve some of the largest companies in the USA

data center decommission