Many reasons to choose us

At ATTYAH RECYCLING, our number 1 goal is our client satisfaction, and to reach this goal we put all equipment, technology & skills together to make your IT assets disposition (ITAD) smooth, fast and efficient.

At Attyah recycling we handle it all from Picking up to proper recycling, all starts with a call or a click of a button to schedule a pickup.

What makes us different than others


We take your data security seriously, therefore, your items get picked up by our skilled and background checked staff, to transport it on GPS tracked vehicles (trucks) to our secured building, where it has state of art  surveillance & building entry systems where authorized personnel only allowed.

secure data destruction


Our Media Sanitization and Hard Drive (HDD) Shredding processes conform to the most secure and up-to-date methods of data destruction and are compliant with National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88, National Security Agency (NSA), and DOD guidelines. We maintain full chain-of-custody throughout the entirety of the process.


Using state of art equipment to destruct / sanitize the data, you will be able to login to our live preview portal to track your equipment status from the pickup until completion.

also, you will get a serialized COD (certificate of destruction) confirming the data erasure / destruction of each HDD or any storage device included in the pickup, with a CORR (certificate of responsible recycling) showing the weight of E-waste generated certifying that your organization is following the responsible recycle standards.

Responsible Recycling

Keeping the planet green and great place to live is big responsibility, thinking of other generations going to live on this planet in future by keeping the toxic materials out of land fill, so take your part and get involved by choosing the right recycler to be your organization partner.

Here at ATTYAH RECYCLING, we implement and enforce Responsible recycling standards to make sure that Zero E-waste goes to landfill.

We do our best to repair / refurbish equipment to make it ready to be re-used again, and disassembling the items that reached end of life and cant be recovered to be returned into raw materials or parts that can be used in remanufacturing process.

Example of Serialized COD

Practicing Green Recycling Standards