IT Asset Profit Sharing Program

Minimize your cost to maximize the return on your IT asset Investment

Don’t let your IT Assets go to waste once they reach the end of their cycle. We help you dispose of and recycle e-waste and e-scrap and get some value back!

At Attyah Computer recycling we help you to find the right measures to deal with your e-scrap and e-waste. Once your IT equipment and components reach the end of life at your home or office, it is usually just lying there. Since it is not used and you may be inclined to throw it out, we step in to help you.

Instead of throwing your IT Equipment out, which is illegal in some states, we offer IT asset disposition services, and more. Instead of storing or keeping your retired and obsolete components at your place, we offer you a way to dispose of them without a worry.

We are a leading IT Asset Life Cycle Management company and IT asset remarketing company that helps you to recycle, re-use or simply dispose of the IT Assets in an environmentally friendly manner.

How it works

Your older IT assets might have value to recover, we can sell your IT assets to our buyers worldwide and get the maximum return on the equipment so you will be able to recover 60% – 80% of  “Fair market value”.

We will handle the process from pickup until selling and delivering your equipment, hassle and worry free.

  • Contact

    Let us know what items / assets you have so we get all info needed to arrange pickup and evaluate the assets

  • Pickup

    We will arrange assets pack & pickup from your location to our warehouse. hassle and worry free

  • Test and audit

    We will test and audit all items received, then issue an auditing sheet for you, showing the sellable items and items going to be recycled / disassembled.

  • Data destruction

    All hard drives or any data storage device will be shredded and serialized, so you get a certificate of destruction along with serial numbers of the shredded / destroyed items.

  • Recycle

    We will responsibly recycle the items dont have value or reached end of life and cant be sold or re-used,

  • Sales

    We will sell the items that carry value for the highest price through our network of buyers worldwide

  • ROI

    Revenue on investment goes back to you so you will be able to upgrade your equipment for less cost.

7 easy steps to secure data, gain revenue and lower your upgrade cost.

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