Responsible Computer Recycling

Protecting your reputation, brand and our environment

Do you have old computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, telephones, monitors and peripherals lying around and cluttering up your storage space? You know that these things cannot just be thrown into the garbage. So, they just keep piling up.

Computer disposal through recycling benefits the environment since unwanted computers frequently find a new life with someone else, or their parts may be used for repairs. At the very least, the plastic and metal components are recycled, so they do not pollute landfills.

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Why to Recycle Your IT Equipment With Attyah Recycling

Harmful Waste

Computers are carriers of many harmful elements such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and Chromium. We have developed recycling processes that allow us to recycle all our electronics without extruding these harmful chemicals to the world

Value Recovery

Upgrading your IT infrastructure? Call us today not only can we recycle any old E-Waste if your hardware is in good condition and still modern, but they can also prove valuable and be resold with compensation returning to your company

Data Security

Our Team is dedicated to ensuring your personal and business data is wiped and untraceable. Upon being wiped hard drives are then sterilized and Shredded.


No Effort is needed we complete all the different aspects from pickup to disposal. All That’s needed is a phone call.

Computer Recycling Facts

Discarded electronics contain lead, mercury, cadmium, flame retardant plastics and other materials. When disposed of improperly poses a serious risks to humans, animals, and the environment.

Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year.

Hard Drive Shredding

the security of computer hard drive destruction is far more important than you might think. Erasing files can still leave them vulnerable to retrieval. Physically destroying your hard drives provides the ultimate data breach protection.


Integrity & Transparency:
A solemn commitment to deliver world class service, with integrity and transparency.

Staying in the know:
We’ll always stay up to date with, and adhere to, the latest Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding the environment, industry standards and Responsible Recycling (R2) practices.

Best-in-class Security:
Providing physical destruction on-site or off-site, our secure data destruction methods meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the leading industry experts – NSA (NSA /CSS Policy manual 9-12), and NIST (SP800-88 R1)

Highly trained staff will maintain a continued, unbroken, chain-of-custody of material, from the pick-up location to one of our secure facilities, where the material is inventoried and sanitized, removing any identifiable labels or asset tags, and all data is destroyed.

Environmental Stewardship:
We’re committed to being the best environmental stewards we can. Our practices emphasize Reusing and Recovering, while Responsibly Recycling – saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Zero land-fill policy:
All end-of-life (EOL) electronics that are not resold are de-manufactured, sorted, and consolidated at our facilities and shipped to approved, R2 certified, downstream recycling partners.

You can be sure that none of your non-performing, non-salable E-waste will pollute the environment!

We recycle all destroyed media and only work with certified downstream partners.

We require our recycling partners to be accredited under one of the two accredited certification standards: R2 ‐ The Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers and the E‐Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment Exit Standard for Recyclers.

Have E-Waste to dispose? Start doing the right thing!