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Lease Returns

Lease return

Are You Leasing IT and Electronics Equipment for Your Office?

Companies have a variety of equipment needs in order to operate. To stay flexible to the ever-changing needs of client projects, it can be a wise choice to lease equipment instead of purchasing. However, when the electronics lease is ending, it can be a challenge to turn in the old IT equipment.

How Do I Return My Equipment at the End of the Lease?

Attyah Recycling is specializes in lease returns of IT and electronic equipment. We work with several lease financing companies and offer comprehensive end of equipment lease services to leasing companies including: de-installation, pack out, logistical arrangements, auditing, testing, processing, remarketing, and recycling. We even offer repossession services when necessary

Buy Back Program

buy back program

Selling your old devices is simple as 1,2,3 with Attyah Recycling

  1. Submit a valuation request with the device brand, model, specs, number of units, and condition and receive a preliminary quote.
  2. Send the devices to our facility for an audit (We handle pickup / freight)
  3. Receive a check / Wire of the amount.

Process Steps


    Our team of asset managers strive to understand your needs and develop a process that meets your standards.


    With years of experience in pricing hardware of all types, our pricing team will provide you with accurate and durable assessments of equipment value.


    Hassle free pack and ship services to offer your lessee the resources they need during refresh


    We will securely and permanently erase data from all devices to the highest industry standard and provide certificates of destruction.a


    Streamline the reconciliation of equipment returns vs. original invoice data with our custom built reconciliation process in SMART.


    We start with how your organization consumes information then we create the reports in the formats you need.


    Last step is getting you paid, we will issue a check or wire transfer for the agreed amount

Areas we serve:

With our network of logistics & recycling partners, we proudly serve all states & cities, within the US.

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