Recycle Electronics in Washington D.C.

Attyah Electronics Recycling is proud to help residents and businesses of Washington D.C. recycle electronics responsibly

Attyah Electronics Recycling is proud to help residents of  Washington D.C. recycle electronics. We operate in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania. Help keep Washington D.C. clean and e-waste free by recycling your electronics with Attyah Recycling

Electronic waste ready to recycle, isolated on white background. pile of mixed electronic waste, old broken computer parts, laptops, cell phones

Attyah Electronics Recycling is committed to helping you responsibly recycle your old electronics. Did you know that when disposed of irresponsibly, electronic equipment poisons our land, air, and water? When you recycle with All Green, we guarantee that your old electronics never reach a landfill, either locally or overseas.